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What our clients say about Britton Power Wash & Seal
  • Casey cleaned my office building and sidewalks at Stayton Law. He performed the work in a professional and timely manner and I was impressed with just how incredibly immaculate my office looked when he was done. I’ll be using this business on a regular basis in the future.
    Jennifer Tiger
  • Thank you Casey. My patios and pergolas look awesome. I recommend Britton Power Wash & Seal to anyone needing the house, gutters, walks etc. cleaned and looking like new. I'm looking forward to having my entire house done soon.
    Creta Courtney
  • Excellent, honest, and reputable work. If you are debating on getting cleaning done - do not hesitate to follow through with this company!
    John Nowak
  • We had this company come Acid Wash and Seal our back Patio and Front Driveway and he did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! It was done correctly and on time. He is a VERY HONEST and Hard Working Person!!! He came Highly Recommended to us and we too Highly Recommend Him!
    Karen Weese
  • Casey has done several jobs for me. Never late and easy to deal with. Quality is top notch and a great local guy that just wants to do great work and make people happy.
    Cory Dent
  • Highly recommended! Did a fabulous job cleaning and sealing our new walk way, which was previously sealed incorrectly. Awesome customer service, great with staying in contact, communicating and getting the job done correctly. I wish all contractors were as pleasant to work with! 5 stars.
    Ele Dewar
    Peggy Wilson
  • We have used Britton Power Wash at two different locations for multiple services… We have recommended them to our friends & neighbors. And we’ve all been completely happy with the results. Our patio looks new. Our gutters are ready for winter. Our entry stairs are beautiful. Highly recommend!
    Julie Adams
  • Casey is very easy to work with and does a great job. His prices are very fair. We will have an ongoing relationship with this company for future projects.
    Karen Hansson
  • Friendly, professional, easy to work with. Helped take care of things I couldn’t do by myself. I will definitely call again to have more work done.
    Josh Sawyers
  • I would highly recommend “Britton Power Wash” for any of the above services. My walkways and driveways look amazing! Extremely professional but, yet very personable.
    Cheri Doran
  • Casey was very professional and accommodating. We appreciated him working us into his schedule to seal our concrete pathway before our big family event. He did a terrific job and our old path looks new and beautiful again! Thank you, Casey!
    Nicole Miller
  • If you are wanting your concrete to look like new then you need to give Casey a call... He does the best work and you will not be disappointed I promise!!!
    David Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

  Why Choose Britton Power Wash

When searching for a pressure washing contractor to wash your property realize that not all pressure washing contractors are the same. Price should not be the first consideration when choosing. After all your property can be your largest investment. Some questions that you should ask are:

  • Is your company insured?
  • What cleaning processes do you use?
  • Do you have references we can contact?
  • What products do you use?
  • Why can’t we just do it ourselves?
By choosing Britton Power Wash, you can skip the step of guess work and have confidence that you’re selecting a true professional power washing company to complete any of your pressure washing needs. Below are just some of the highlights that put us ahead of the competition when searching for the perfect company to tackle your next exterior cleaning needs.
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Locally-Owned and Operated
  • UAMCC Certified Contractor
  • Professional state of the art equipment
  • Constantly staying up to date on trainings and education
  • We genially care about each and every job, and strive to develop personal relationships that start out as “customers”
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We’re not happy with the job unless you are. We want to do everything in our power to leave each job with the customer happy and proud of the work that has been done.

  What is “Soft-Washing”

Soft-Washing is a process that involves the low-pressure application of cleaning detergents to your home/building’s exterior. These detergents have both surfactants and cleaning agents in them that will stick to the surface, allow the chemical to work into the grime, and rinse off easily… all at low pressure. Read More...

  Why Should I Call a Professional

Pressure washers are powerful machines and should not be underestimated. Using them improperly can result in permeable damage to your home or property that can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Also, pressure washing and exterior cleaning will almost always call for the application of cleaning chemicals. This means that the proper knowledge and ability to utilize these cleaning solutions is a vital part of a safe cleaning experience. &nnbsp;  Read More...

  Why Should I Have My Home/Property Cleaned

Well there are two important aspects to consider when asking this question. While pressure washing and exterior cleaning will dramatically add bounds to the aesthetic value of your property, our services can also end up saving you money in repairs, add longevity to your surfaces from being properly maintained, and reduce the risk of slips and falls from a surface that can quickly turn into an ice rink if algae and mildew buildup is allowed.

  Why Should I Have My Roof Cleaned

Besides a roof cleaning dramatically increasing curb appeal and home value, cleaning your roof is something that must be done to maintain the longevity of the roof’s life. Many times, insurance claims for roof replacements can be denied because a roof had not been properly maintained throughout it’s lifetime. Keeping tabs on your own property and making sure that the roof is being taken care of with cleanings every 5 years will ensure that you are able to enjoy the full duration of your roof’s life.

  What makes you better than other pressure washing companies

We love when customers ask this question. We could use the fact that we have a huge amount of experience, a small business attentive atmosphere, reviews, competitive pricing structure, or superior cleaning methods, but at the end of the day, those can sometimes be subjective. We believe that what makes us better than other companies is that we understand our client just a little bit more than the next guy. We understand that we are here to help you solve a problem. Sometimes the problem is just a lack of confidence in your home before the holidays. Sometimes is a greasy dumpster pad that got cited by the COH for being noncompliant or graffiti that is deterring customers away from your business. Whatever the case may be, we understand that we are here to give you what you want… in a seamless, quick, convenient, and easy manner. That is what we are about.

  How do I know what a fair price is for pressure washing

Our company likes to think that we are in the “middle to upper” price range. We know that we deliver superior service as we have a very high returning customer rate and get a lot of business from customers with previous interactions with different companies. We encourage everybody to go and receive a few different quotes before choosing our company. We do this for two reasons: 1. The customer will see that as far as quality companies go, we are priced fairly. 2. Our through and seamless quoting and estimate process as compared to others’ is a reflection of the quality work that we perform. We use this as an opportunity to showcase the level of service we provide to our customers once we start the service experience.

  What if I am not satisfied with the work

We will not leave or declare a job finished until we hear that you’re satisfied with the work done. Of course, we will do our best to make sure that everything comes out as clean as possible, but sometimes there are limits to what can be done. We will do our best to make sure that all customers are taken care of and left off very happy with the services performed. This is the case whether they are paying us $1 or $10,000.

  Will pressure washing my house rip the paint off of it

No. Not unless the paint is falling off already. Our technicians are trained to never use high pressure on homes. Sometimes, we will adjust the pressure on our machines to be able to give a more thorough cleaning, but what you’ll find across the board is that most of our homes are cleaned using a “soft washing” method that basically uses the application of algicides and degreasers to softly kill/lift the debris film from the surface so that it can lift off easily with just a thorough rinse. There is a lot more that goes into this process, but to keep it simple, we rely heavily on the cleaning technology we use rather than the pressure we use.